Giving made easy — Review

Jesus tells us in his Word that giving is a joy — that we should do it cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7), that to give is a blessing (Acts 20:35) and that we should give in the same way in which we have received from God (Matthew 10:8).

Giving is a good thing. The very fact that we can give is a gift from God. So this week, we want to showcase an organisation who is making it just that little bit easier for Christians to give to their church. is a web-based giving platform that allows users to give to their church in either US, Canadian or Australian dollars. Users can set up a recurring payment from their VISA, MasterCard or AMEX, or users can make a one-off payment, either by logging in with their Username and Password, or as a guest, meaning no login required.  Whether churches are looking for an Online Giving solution, or simply want to accept one-off donations, is our Number #1 pick!

Online giving via Credit/Debit Cards will always attract some kind of fee, no matter who you use to process your payment, but’s fees are down there with the lowest you’ll find on the internet, and they’re charged on a per-transaction basis (no setup or ongoing fees — you’re only charged per transaction, at 30c + 2.9%)

Here are some of the things we love about

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone — works beautifully on any device, with just the right amount of security that you’re details are safe, but it’s not ridiculously annoying every time you try to access your account.
  • Geolocation — has a nifty little feature that geolocates the nearest church in the area (that currently has a account set up), so if you’re physically in your church’s building, or you live close by, chances are your church will be located automatically. Of course, you can search by church name too, but there’s something cool about being able to click on “Give to the nearest church” and seeing your own church’s page appear.
  • Intuitive — is so intuitive. It just makes sense. All the user needs to do is follow the prompts. All the info they could need is displayed in the right places, and it makes online giving so easy. A user can give to their church in under 10 seconds, using only their 4-digit passcode.
  • Covering fees — As part of the giving process, allows the giver to select an option to “cover fees” as part of their transaction. If a user selects this option, they become the ones to pay the 30c + 2.9% transaction fees, rather than the church.
  • Website integration — If you have a Gospel Powered website, you get to enjoy the seamless integration between and your church website. We can help you set up Giving Buttons on your website which take users directly to, where they can donate to specific projects or ministry areas, with or without a login.
  • Reporting — Receipts and reporting are easy with, with both the user and the church having access to receipts and records of their giving activity. also integrates with a number of Church Management Systems (currently Elvanto, Church Community Builder and Breeze, but more are in the pipeline!), meaning your accounts and record keeping is taken care of!

There are loads of other features we love about (like Text-to-Give, Giving Kiosks, and their great video resources) but the best thing to do is visit their website and see for yourself. Churches do need to be aware that it takes 7 days for funds to be transferred into their account, but funds are transferred daily so churches still have a steady stream of money coming in.

If is something that could benefit your church, and you love the idea of integrating with your church’s website, get in touch with us to see how Gospel Powered can help.

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