Setting up Slideshows

Home Page Slideshow

Add a new slide from the WordPress Dashboard by going to Slides => Add New.

The Title is what can be displayed on your slides. This is not required.

Set a Featured Image by clicking the button, uploading the image to your media library, and then make sure to click “set as featured image”. To ensure the best image quality possible, please use a JPG image that is at least 940 x 320 pixels.

You can choose to hide the slide title (very useful if your graphic has a title on it already).

Slides can also be linked to content in your site or anywhere, just enter the full url in the slide link box.

Slideshows in any Content Area

You can also create a simple slideshow of images in any content or widget area by inserting the following code on the page or widget.

Note: Do not complete this step if you are only creating a slideshow for your homepage. The instructions in the first section suffice for that.

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