Using Widget Content

Widget Content is a simple yet exciting part of the Church Pack plugin. Never again will you need to use html to add images, line breaks, links, etc. to a widget. Widget Content creates a new menu item to add content that can easily be used in a widget. To get started, enable Widget Content in the Church Pack Dashboard.

Then in the menu select Widget Content → Add New. You’ll add your text, images, links, etc. just like you would when writing a post. When finished click “Publish”.

Now go to Appearance → Widgets, and you’ll find a new widget to add:

Drag this to an available widget area & then select the content you want to display and the give the widget a title.

Repeat as often as you like :-)

What if extra content is showing up in my widget?

In Appearance → Widgets, you need to check “Do not apply content filters” in the Widget Content options.

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