Using Groups

Groups are a multi-purpose tool to display content. They can be used to list all of the church ministries or a sub-set of ministries (like adult Bible classes). To start you’ll need to make sure groups are enabled in the Church Pack Dashboard.

Adding a Group

Each group has several fields besides the title.

Image – This image will be used in the exact size you select after uploading. Make sure the image isn’t too large for your theme. Generally, WordPress’ medium size of 300px wide is a good choice.

Description – Here’s where you can add a little bit of text about the group.

Location – This field is useful if you are listing classes or something similar. You can enter a building or room #.

Address – If this group meets off your main location, enter the full address here. On the group page this will be displayed as a Google map.

Leader – There are also fields to enter the group leader’s name and basic contact information.

Displaying Content

Create a new page and insert the shortcode to display all groups you’ve added.

If your page is only displaying some of your groups (i.e. only 10 are showing) force WordPress to “display all” with the following parameters.

 To show only a specific category, use this short code:

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