Setting Up the Home Page

By default, this theme will display your latest posts on the front page. To activate the home page as seen in the demo, first create a new page and name it something like “Home”. As you’re creating this page, select the “Home” page template in the Page Attributes box found in the right column. After you publish your page, go to Settings → Reading. For “Front page displays”, choose a static page and select your newly created “Home” page. Then save your settings.

Home Page Slideshow

This theme has a slideshow that you can display on the home page. You can enable and disable it in Appearance → Theme Options under the Home Page tab.

You can add and manage slides under the “Slides” tab in the main WordPress admin menu. By default, slides are made up of a Title, subtitle, image, and link. In the Slide Options box you can choose to hide the text. The recommended image width for the slides is: 960px wide by 400px tall.

Feature Images

The default number of feature images to display on the home page is three, which can be changed in theme options if necessary. To add feature images go to Dashboard > Home Feature > Add New, and fill in all pertinent information. Remember that your feature images can either be used as links or as static pictures such as in our theme demo.

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