Modifying the Excerpt of a Sermon Archive

This is just a quick article on how to override/modify Sermon Manager views.

Up to Sermon Manager 2.13.0 this was possible only via PHP and WordPress filters, but since that release, it is all done via simple copying/pasting files.

Using your favorite FTP client or cPanel File Manager, navigate to /wp-content/plugins/sermon-manager-for-wordpress/views. Then, either create a child theme if it's not already created, or go to the child theme directory if it is. After that, just copy the files you want to override to your theme, while maintaining the structure. You can then safely edit the files in your child theme directory.

Tip: You will most likely want to override /wp-content/plugins/sermon-manager-for-wordpress/views/partials/content-sermon-archive.php and/or /wp-content/plugins/sermon-manager-for-wordpress/views/partials/content-sermon-single.php. For example, with the theme "TwentySixteen Child", you would need to copy:
/wp-content/plugins/sermon-manager-for-wordpress/views/partials/content-sermon-archive.php -> /wp-content/themes/twentysixteen-child/partials/content-sermon-archive.php

Tip 2: If you open the file, you will find more information in the file header.

Note: You can also copy the files to your non-child theme, but the changes will be lost on theme update.

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