Template Tags

Version 1.5+

Template tags are used within your theme files to display information dynamically. Below is a list of the tags available in Sermon Manager to use in your theme.

This displays the content for a single sermon. If you are customizing a theme, you can copy the theme’s single.php as single-wpfc_sermon.php. Then replace the_content();withrender_wpfc_sermon_single();

This allows you to display the sermon image in the size of your choice. Any size registered with add_image_size can be displayed. First, this function checks to see if a featured image is set for the sermon. If so, it is displayed. If not, it looks for an associated with the sermon series. If one isn’t assigned it will display the speaker’s image. If none of those are set, nothing will be displayed.
To use the thumbnail size:<?php render_sermon_image('thumbnail'); ?>

This will display sermon information like the Bible passage, service type, audio url, or notes url. Parameters allow you to set content to display before and after the content. For example: wpfc_sermon_meta('bible_passage', 'Bible Text: ', ' | ');
You can use the following meta fields: bible_passage, service_type, sermon_audio, sermon_notes.

Same before/after options as wpfc_sermon_meta, this function just makes the sermon description display properly formatted into paragraphs.

You can use any valid date format. For example:wpfc_sermon_date('l, F j, Y');

If audio is present, then an audio player is displayed – unless a video embed code is present. In this case the video player will be displayed. If a file is uploaded to sermon notes, it will be displayed as a link to download.

This renders a list of all files attached to the sermon (except the featured image) for download. Icons are added to the certain filetypes (doc, docx, rtf, pdf, mp3, mp4, ppt, pptx).

Displaying Preachers, Sermon Series, and Sermon Topics

Each of these items are custom taxonomies and best displayed with WordPress’ built in function the_terms

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