Using Verses for Church

Adding verse quotes to content is very simple. After Verses for Church is installed, a new button labeled Add Verses will appear above the content editor window.

Clicking the Add Verse opens a pop-up window where you type in the reference or verse range you want to quote.

Clicking Add Verse populates your content editor with a new short code where ever your cursor is located.

The appropriate copyright information is automatically added at the bottom of your content but before the footer of your page.

Styling Tips

The Reference part of the verse quotation inherits the h2 settings of your style sheet. You can add custom CSS to your theme that targets the div class esv and thereby adjust these settings.

For example, adding the following custom CSS will make the reference text smaller

      .esv h2 {font-size: 20px}

The following will add a light gray background to the quotation

      .esv {background-color: lightgrey}

There is a lot more you can do to customize your Scripture quotations but that goes beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Scripture Reference Links

Verses for Church automatically hyperlinks any Bible reference it finds on your site to the respective passage on Hovering over the link shows a pop-up preview of that verse and gives the option to play an audio recording of the verse.

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