Sync Options

We have made the Elvanto sync options as flexible as possible allowing you to sync all groups, or just one or two! In the plugin settings you will see the following options

Download all new and update existing groups

If you want to sync all the groups (and categories) currently available in your Elvanto account, then this option is for you. You might want to use this option when you first set up the plugin, or if you want to sync up any new groups with updates to the existing ones for scenarios where you already have groups synced.

Only download all new groups

This option assumes you already have groups synced and that there are now some new groups available which are not yet showing on your website. If you currently only sync certain categories, this will check for that and only download new groups from the existing categories only.

Only update existing groups

This option will sync your existing groups with Elvanto and update them with any new or updated information.

Download groups from specific categories

This is great if you have several group categories and for example you only want to sync Bible Studies and nothing else. This is a handy option for when you first set up your plugin or if you want to add a new category to your website, something you previously hadn't synced.

Delete all groups

This is fairly obvious :) It will remove all the groups currently showing on your website. This will remove the groups from your database completely.

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