Getting the Elvanto API key

In order for the plugin to sync with your Elvanto groups, you need to retrieve your Elvanto API key. Only Elvanto account administrators have access to API Keys so if you are not an admin, feel free to forward this to the relevant person who can assist you.

To retrieve the Elvanto API key you will need to:

  1. Login to your Elvanto account
  2. Navigate to the Admin Area using the top right hand dropdown
  3. Using the same drop down, navigate to Settings
  4. Once on the Settings page, scroll down to Integrations
  5. On the Integrations page you will see a green button which says "Get API Key"
  6. Click on that button and you will see your API key
  7. Copy and paste this key into the plugin settings and save

You are now ready to sync some or all of your groups from Elvanto!

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