Shortcode parameters

id Used to show a single group

  • 42 Show only group with an ID of 42
  • my-super-awesome-group Show only the group with the slug "my-super-awesome-group"

map Used to show/hide the map

  • 1 Show the map
  • 0 Hide the map
  • only Just show the map

description Used to show/hide the group description

  • 1 Show the description
  • 0 Hide the description

image Used to show/hide the group image

  • 1 Show the image
  • 0 Hide the image

category Filter groups by category name/ID

  • Awesome Groups Show only groups that belong to category that has slug "awesome-groups"
  • 12 Show only groups that belong to category with ID 12

location Filter groups by location

  • Perth Show only groups that are from Perth

max_people Filter groups by number of people

  • 12 Won't show groups that have 13 or more members

min_people Filter groups by number of people

  • 2 Won't show groups with less than 2 members

meeting_day Filter groups by meeting day

  • Monday Show only groups that meet on Monday for example

filter Used to show/hide the filter

  • 1 Show the filter
  • 0 Hide the filter
exclude Used to exclude specific groups from showing up
  • 14 Won't show group with ID 14
  • 14,21 Won't show groups with IDs 14 and 21


Show only group that are from Sydney, that have less than 20 members and more than 5.
[elvanto location="Sydney" max_people="20" min_people="5"]

Show only groups that are from "My Category" category, that do not have IDs 78 and 41, hide their descriptions and hide the map.
[elvanto category="My Category" description="0" map="0" exclude="78,41"]

Just show the map.
[elvanto map="only"]

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