Page Assignment for the Archive and Taxonomy

Page assignment is one of our most exciting Sermon Manager Pro features, simply it means you can assign the Archive and Taxonomy layouts to WordPress pages. Why is that exciting? How each theme handles custom post types (such as sermons) varies and this has long posed an issue for Churches as it prevented them to control how their layouts show in an easy way. So by allowing you to assign WordPress pages to the sermon Archive and Taxonomy, we've enabled you to control how your sermon pages show in your theme. A simple example of how this is if you wanted to remove the sidebar from the Sermons page, you can simply go into the page you assigned to the Archive and use your themes capability to fine tune certain settings, such as removing the sidebar. 

How to set it up?

Once you have Sermon Manager Pro installed, you will need to create 2 pages in WordPress, one for your archive and another for the taxonomy views. You can call then anything you like, we recommend you call the archive one the same as your sermon archive slug (found in the plugin settings, usually 'sermons'). 

You will need to put a shortcode in each page to make this work properly, they are:

  • Archive - [smpro_archive]
  • Taxonomy - [smpro_tax]

Once you have those pages created, you need to go to Sermons Pro > Settings. You will see tab called 'Page Assignment'. Simply assign the pages you created in the previous step to the archive and taxonomy and press save. That's it, you can now control what shows on these pages using the capability given by your chosen theme. 

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