Future of the Sermon Manager plugin (Roadmap Inside)

Well, it’s been around 3 months since we took over WP for Church and wow has it been an amazing journey so far. Here are just some things we were able to accomplish (praise God):

  • Launch several new versions of the Sermon Manager addressing much needed bug requests and issues
  • Respond to around 100 support requests
  • Revamp and re-launch WP for Church with a brand new website and logo
  • Release of an amazing new theme called Multiply, built on what we think is the best theme framework around.
  • Seen Sermon Manager tip 7,000 active installs!
  • Plus a lot more (covered in a separate blog post)

Sermon Manager is the number one sermon plugin for churches that use WordPress, but it’s not without it’s faults, we know that. So we have put a lot of effort and thought into where we want to take the Sermon Manager project. We want to continue to build on it’s foundations and in particular:

  • Re-work every file and piece of code so that it satisifes ‘best practice’ and of course sees the plugin compatible with PHP 7.x
  • Add a LOT of new features – see Trello board below
  • Continue to offer a completely free version on the WordPress directory but also branch off into a separate Pro version which will naturally come with additional features. Of course, we won’t take away anything from the free version.

For those in the WordPress development world, you will appreciate how much time and effort goes into creating, improving and supporting a theme or plugin, in fact, we want to be completely transparent, as it stands, we won’t be able to continue providing the same level of support and quality without addressing our income. Around 1% of all active installs pay for support which goes into the development of this project. To address this, we have decided to introduce a paid version (Sermon Manager Pro) with additional features so that we can continue to build and maintain both the free and paid version. We appreciate all those have have supported this project in the past and look forward to making a Pro version available to those who would like a larger feature set.

Now to the exciting part, the public roadmap for the Sermon Manager plugin – https://trello.com/b/xGz75VJD.

You can also tell us your ideas or vote for existing ideas on any of our products here anytime.

We would love to get your thoughts on it all, or if anything is missing, let us know!

A fresh start for WP for Church

  • Hi, are we supposed to be able to add comments to your Trello board? Because currently I’m not able to – there isn’t a comment field displayed at the bottom of each item on the board, although I have signed in with my Trello account. 🙂

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I see you already figured out we made comments public on the Trello board but i thought i would respond here anyway 🙂

      Happy to have votes and comments on the roadmap

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