Using your church website to grow your Children’s Ministry

Minimalism is so in right now.  Designers the world over are agreeing that less is definitely more, and we’re seeing clean, scaled back designs everywhere, from websites to business cards to wedding invites.  We’re getting rid of the clutter and bringing things back to their beautiful basics.

Even in the way we write; blogs are shorter, webpages have less words on them, it’s all about capturing someone’s interest using a few, carefully chosen sentences.  And this is great!  …Most of the time…

Churches, too, are jumping on the minimalist bandwagon, and for good reason.  Its great to see churches embracing this trend, with clean home pages, less words, more empty space and some general ‘breathing room’.  But there’s one area in the life of your church where, actually, more is more.  Your Children’s Ministry.

Put yourself in the position of a parent who has never been to your church before or doesn’t know anybody there. It doesn’t matter how pretty your kids’ ministry webpage looks.  If it doesn’t tell them absolutely everything they need to know, there’s a good chance they won’t be feeling all that confident about leaving their children with you.

Now, I’m not saying this means churches should go all out crazy with their web design for the sake of the children!  What I’m saying is that churches need to think beyond the “bare essentials” in terms of content on their kids’ pages.  A drop-off and pick-up time isn’t enough to convince a parent to leave their kids in your care.  Parents, especially those who aren’t as familiar with your church, are going to want a lot of information from you before they feel safe leaving their kids with you.  

Here’s a list of questions a parent might have about your kids’ program.  If they can find all these answers on your website, you’re removing so many obstacles to getting them there!

  • What does a typical day look like at your program?
  • Who is in charge?
  • Who are the leaders?  How are they trained?  Are they qualified?
  • What if my kid has special needs/allergies/requires extra assistance?
  • What will you be teaching my kid?
  • Will you be feeding them?
  • Will you be taking them off-site?
  • What are your rules, regulations and policies?
  • Does it cost money?
  • Can I stay and watch?
  • Who can I talk to if I have a problem?

Obviously not every parent will be searching for the answers to all of these questions.  But there will be some who are.  And by providing this information before a parent even asks for it, you’re filling them with confidence that your program has been carefully thought-through, and you’ve considered all these important issues related to the safety and protection of kids.

There’s no reason to destroy your beautifully crafted, minimalist website just to include all of this information.  Think about setting up a FAQ page, or even just lots of opportunities for parents to “click to find out more”.  All this info doesn’t need to clog up one page – it just needs to exist and be accessible for those who want it.

Your website is such a powerful tool to draw new people to your church, and at Gospel Powered it’s our hope that churches everywhere are using their website to its full potential.  Using your website to ease parents’ fears about leaving their kids is such a simple way of making the most of every opportunity to bring people to your church.